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vendredi 10 novembre 2017

The Help by Kathryn Stockett

The Help

By Kathryn Stockett


The help / Kathryn Stockett


In 1962, in Jackson, Mississippi, black people and white people are separated. Colored people and white people are not allowed to share toilets, they mustn't get married. But at the same time, Martin Luther King and the NAACP fight for equality between all communities. Could the things change in the South of United States?
That's what hopes Aibeleen, an old black maid who loves taking care of white babies, Minnie, her best friend who has a sharp tongue and Miss Skeeter, a wealthy white woman who wants to write a book about being a black help in Mississippi. But some people are determined to stop them...

I was totally taken by The help. I loved the characters, these women are wonderful, strong and endearing. I was very interested with the maids' everyday life. The link between Aibileen and Mae Mobley, Aibileen's mistress, is very touching. Thanks to her, the little girl is loved, encouraged. I was also stunned by the coldness of Mae Mobley's mother.

Moreover, I loved Minny's strength, her fight to feed her family. Her relationship with her employer, Miss Celia, is very interesting, touching. Even if Minny is annoyed by the woman, she has pity of her.

Finally, I identify with Skeeter, because I dream of being writer too. Furthermore, I appreciated the evolution of this character through the novel. At the beginning, Skeeter is very innocent, naïve, she doesn't realize how her project can be dangerous, for her and the too maids. Then she becomes aware of the risks, but even at this time, she doesn't give up. I loved her determination.

So, read The help! You won't be disappointed!

The help by Kathryn Stockett published by Penguin Books / Editions Actes Sud en français.

The movie's trailer.

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  1. Well done Angeline! Reading in OV and drafting the notice in English too. You can also add some key words in English in libellés to be seen by English native speakers that may be interested in French books as well.